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0102 - Granada - Jun - Alfacar

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From 01/01/2022


Jun (Cruce)
Jun (Parque)
Fuente Grande
07:2507:4307:4507:5808:00L a V
07:4507:5808:0008:1608:20L a V
08:3008:45--09:0209:05L a V
09:0009:15--09:3209:35L a V
09:3009:45--10:0210:05L a V
10:0010:1810:2010:3310:35L a V
10:3010:45--11:0211:05L a V
11:0011:1811:2011:3311:35L a V
11:3011:45--12:0212:05L a V
12:0012:1812:2012:3412:35L a V
12:3012:45--13:0213:05L a V
13:0013:1313:1513:3313:35L a V
13:3013:45--14:0214:05L a V
14:0014:1514:2014:3314:35L a V
14:3014:4814:5015:0215:05L a V
15:0015:10--15:2715:30L a V
15:3015:4315:4516:0216:05L a V
16:0016:15--16:3216:35L a V
17:0017:15--17:3217:35L a V
18:0018:15--18:3218:35L a V
19:0019:15--19:3219:35L a V
20:0020:15--20:3220:35L a V
21:0021:15--21:3221:35L a V
22:0022:15--22:3222:35L a V
23:0023:1523:2023:3123:35L a V


Fuente Grande
Alfacar (Flor de Cuba)
Jun (Cruce)
Jun (Parque)
Capitán Moreno
06:5507:0007:0807:1207:1507:25L a V
07:1507:2007:2807:3207:3507:45L a V
07:5508:0008:05--08:1008:20L a V
08:2508:3008:3808:4008:5009:00L a V
09:0509:1009:13--09:2009:30L a V
09:3509:4009:45--09:5010:00L a V
10:0510:1010:1310:1510:2010:30L a V
10:3510:4010:45--10:5011:00L a V
11:0511:1011:13--11:2011:30L a V
11:3511:4011:45--11:5012:00L a V
12:0512:1012:15--12:2012:30L a V
12:3512:4012:43--12:5013:00L a V
13:0513:1013:13--13:2013:30L a V
13:3513:4013:45--13:5014:00L a V
14:0514:1014:15--14:2014:30L a V
14:3514:4014:45--14:5015:00L a V
15:0515:1015:15--15:2015:30L a V
15:4015:4515:50--15:5516:05L a V
16:3516:4016:45--16:5017:00L a V
17:3517:4017:45--17:5018:00L a V
18:3518:4018:45--18:5019:00L a V
19:3519:4019:45--19:5020:00L a V
20:3520:4020:45--20:5021:00L a V
21:3521:4021:45--21:5022:00L a V
22:3522:40--22:4522:5023:00L a V


  • ---Without stop in this zone

Fare zones

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • EX

Times of exit of head-board are fixed, whereas the times of step along the intermediate zones will be subject to the conditions of the traffic, and they are recounted to the time of step along the first stop inside the zone.

General information

  • Name of line: 0102
  • Transport Companies: Carlos Fernández de la Torre, S.L.
  • dealership: VJA-121
  • Route: Granada - Jun - Alfacar
  • Adapted line for the disabled: Yes
  • Another information: Para más información sobre disponibilidad de transporte adaptado contacte con Autocares Carlos Fernández de la Torre, S.L.(Tno: 958202905).
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Área de Granada: C/ Joaquina Eguaras, nº 2. Complejo Administrativo Almanjáyar. Edificio 2, 18013 - Granada, Granada

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